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The most change happens when there is a witness to our story. Something happens, when we are able to be absolutely honest about what we are experiencing, when we can say it how it is without judgement or criticism and when we can be our true selves.


Sometimes it’s just being able to say it or hearing ourselves out loud and that’s enough to help us move through it. Other times we need a little more space and time to contemplate our next moves.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and my aim is to support you in dismantling all the barriers that stop you from living the greatest expression of yourself.

To nurture and support.

To hold space.

And to use my knowledge, experience and wisdom to further support the initiation of you seeing and being your divine self. Offering tools for your soul kit which you can utilise on your journey.


Leading you from my heart centre, back to yours.




Here, we explore what our connection feels like, how we respond to each other, whether I feel I am able to offer you effective support and you want to work with me.




Discover how to take your power back and consciously commit to living the life you deserve.




Learn how to bring more awareness, compassion and empathy to the way you raise your children, freeing them to be their most authentic selves.


The Conscious Parenting Vault

Heart-centred resources for the conscious parent

As a conscious mother of two, I know first-hand how the conscious parenting journey challenges, enriches and heals us and our children. However, it is not a journey that you should do unsupported.

This is why I created the conscious parenting vault.


Wherever you are on your journey, these resources were created to inspire, motivate and empower you, they will give you the space to learn, discover and explore ways to enrich your conscious parenting experience.


With instant access to the vault content, you can work through it all in your own time and at your own pace.


It is jam packed with heart-centred tools and resources to support you along the way.


It includes book recommendations, journal prompts, worksheets, guides, parenting tips and tricks, self-love tools and so much more.


It takes a village to raise a child but it takes a conscious parent to receive the village.


The Conscious Parenting Vault is currently being upgraded and is offline -

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When I started my spiritual counselling sessions with Sherise, I was already working with meditation and enjoyed its benefits. I also had previously been in a more traditional therapy setting and didn’t feel comfortable. For these reasons, I wanted a therapy that combined different perceptions and techniques to resolve problems. 


With Sherise’s guidance I was able to address deeply seated abandonment issues with a mix of holistic techniques that helped me manage anxiety and anger. Her approach has helped me to understand and deconstruct feelings or emotions while facing a potential anxiety episode. I would definitely recommend Sherise and her work especially to anyone that with an interest for holistically combining techniques to work, discover and look into themselves.

T. G.