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This is your space


The most change happens when there is a witness to our story. Something happens, when we are able to be absolutely honest about what we are experiencing, when we can say it how it is without judgement or criticism and when we can be our true selves.


Sometimes it’s just being able to say it or hearing ourselves out loud and that’s enough to help us move through it. Other times we need a little more space and time to contemplate our next moves.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and my aim is to support you in dismantling all the barriers that stop you from living the greatest expression of yourself.

To nurture and support.

To hold space.

And to use my knowledge, experience and wisdom to further support the initiation of you seeing and being your divine self. Offering tools for your soul kit which you can utilise on your journey.


Leading you from my heart centre, back to yours.

How can I support you?

Group Facilitation

Work in the Community

​As a compassionate group facilitator, I've been making a positive impact since 2022. From empowering vulnerable women dealing with substance abuse, domestic violence, the criminal justice system, and mental health through charity-supported groups, to offering trauma-informed 10-week courses across North, East, and West London. Now available to deliver tailored group sessions for organizations, my approach blends psychoeducation, supportive tools, and a safe, non-judgmental space. Companies seeking impactful and compassionate group facilitation can connect with me for more details. In the realm of women's work, I believe in bringing the unconscious into loving conscious awareness as a pathway to soul liberation. Witnessing the profound changes in these brave women's lives is an honour, as we navigate the journey together with a perfect blend of intention, inclusivity, and mindfullness. Elevate your organization's impact with compassionate group facilitation, where transformation meets intention, creating spaces for empowerment and healing.



First and foremost connection with your therapist is the base, I've had sessions where I have just walked out on how unwelcoming they have been. With you and my sessions things were looked at and then they were explored. There were follow ups and even some take home information, there was focuses towards matters in which they could be laid to rest and we could progress forward.

I would certainly most definitely recommend you in fact I have."

Jade, Spiritual Counselling

Unsure where to begin?
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