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Discover the Healing Power of Reiki

Reiki is a totally natural and holistic healing system that works on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Book your Reiki Treatment today or join one of our Reiki courses and begin your journey as a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a hands-on or hands-off Japanese healing system. The word ‘Rei’ represents Spiritual Consciousness/ Wisdom in the body, mind and spirit whilst the word ‘Ki’ means Life Force Energy. Reiki itself is therefore a Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. 

The founder of Reiki and it's principles, Dr Mikao Usui, was inspired by Christs healing miracles, and found the healing formula in a Buddhist Sanskrit scripture. The client does not have to believe in Reiki for it to work. Reiki works on all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It is a totally natural and holistic system, where the energy goes to where the problem is in the body. Even if the practitioner just holds the clients feet, the energy will still search out the problem areas.

Reiki can be used to support people undergoing treatment for all sorts of conditions from cancer, HIV and heart disease to infertility, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pregnancy, children with learning difficulties and so much more. Even if you are glowing with health, you might want just an hour to relax and unwind and get a sense of well being and calm back into your life.

Reiki is used in hospitals alongside conventional medical care to help people heal more quickly after surgery, or to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Reiki is never harmful. Even when physical cure is not possible Reiki can still bring relief in terms of reduced pain and anxiety.


Your Reiki Treatment

Each Reiki healing session lasts approximately one hour, and is a hands on or off treatment with you remaining fully clothed, as the energy will penetrate through whatever you are wearing. Your body temperature may fluctuate especially if lots of emotions come up during a session, so there is a blanket provided if necessary.

Your treatment will consist of varying numbers of hand positions starting at the head and ending at the feet. The energy has a high intelligence and will go where you need it.

You could feel anything from intense heat, tingling and lightness to a sense of deep peace and well being - The sensations people have felt differ.


First time clients, will be asked to fill in a client information form followed by a brief consultation.

Reiki is Love.
Love is Wholeness.
Wholeness is Balance.
Balance is Wellbeing.
Wellbeing is Freedom.
Wellbeing is freedom from Disease.

~ Dr Mikao Usui

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Reiki for Adults

Deepening Roots, Strengthening wings

The high vibration of the Reiki energy breaks down and clears heavy energy and blocks within our energy system, allowing our natural energetic flow to flow freely again, whilst bringing about feelings of calm and inner peace. ​ These sessions are bespoke to you and work exceptionally well for issues such as: - Soothing emotional discomfort - Reduce physical pain/injury - Boost the mood - Reduce Stress & Anxiety - Treat Depression - Promote Relaxation - Support Spiritual development - Dissolve energetic blockages - Improved sleep - Speed up healing And so much more!​ Explore the transformative experience of Reiki Healing, typically spread across 4-6 sessions. (SAVE - Discount on block bookings of 4 or 6 sessions) Available Globally Online or In-Person South London


Reiki 30min Distant Healing

Insights. Healing. Hope.

​The high vibration of the Reiki energy breaks down and clears heavy energy and blocks within our energy system, allowing our natural energetic flow to flow freely again, whilst bringing about feelings of calm and inner peace. ​ Do you need a little pick me up? These Reiki Tune-up sessions will help you come back in to alignment as the Power of Reiki rebalances your Chakras and cleanses your Aura. For a moment of stillness, balance and inner calm, from the comfort of your own home, book yourself a Reiki Tune Up Healing Session today! All you need is a space where you can relax, uninterrupted for 30mins and a glass of water nearby. Please note, this service is a distant healing service carried out via Zoom.


Reiki for your Child

Insights. Healing. Hope.

​Reiki can benefit babies, toddlers and children right through to teenage years! Babies and toddlers love having Reiki and soak it up like a sponge as they have no emotional blockages which can slow the flow of Reiki energies. It can help babies with colic, reflux, teething and help them to sleep better. Reiki can help children with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and cancer by rebalancing the energy field. In doing so Reiki can help with reducing a child's temper tantrums, irrational fears, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, illnesses, injuries, as well as the more challenging problems that children with special needs face. As children's bodies are much smaller, the treatments will also be shorter, around 20-30 mins or less. For Teenagers, Reiki can help enormously, providing relief for so many of the stresses and strains that they go through. Reiki will ease the pressure whether it's: - Feeling shy, nervous or anxious. - Difficulty in being not understood, or not able to communicate properly. - Period pains and hormones. -Emotions such as feeling angry, sad or lonely. - The pressure of sheer amounts of work. - Bullying or people being unkind. - Low self esteem and confidence - Relationship issues.

"I fell asleep without taking any meds!My head feels less fuzzy (not so much tinnitus/noise as before). I did not expect to feel such a physical reaction to the distant healing however as my chakras were cleared I actually coughed when Sherise said she was busy with my throat chakra at that specific time! Strong physical connection that surprised me because I am in South Africa and Soul Deep Wellness is not. There is so much I want to say but can't seem to find the correct words to express my gratitude for this opportunity and your healing! Since the healing session I have felt lighter, more positive and definitely better. Thank you!"

Sandi, South Africa

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