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Heart-centred tools to support your journey

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Hello and welcome, I am so glad you are here.

As well as a devoted mother of two wonderful children, I wear multiple hats as a writer and poet, a Spiritual Counsellor & Channel, Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Ceremonialist and Cacao Priestess. I'm a registered member of the UK Reiki Federation (UKRF) and hold accreditation with the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).

We are spiritual beings, navigating the complexities of a human existence. By embracing a holistic perspective and living consciously, we can pave the path to sustainable wellness. 

Being human is a wondrous calamity and as we navigate the journey inward, it is essential that we have access to safe spaces where we can come as we are and be held with love and gently supported as we open up to our own innate wisdom.

With a heart-centred approach, my intention is to co-create a secure environment with you, guiding you as you confront your discomfort and gently bring your unconscious into the embrace of loving awareness, allowing you to shape the life you truly desire.

Soul Deep Wellness is a hub for supporting you on your holistic wellbeing journey with access to resources, tools and grounded wisdom to nurture, support and guide your journey home to yourself.

With Love,


"True liberation begins with the profound embrace of self-love, and it's in that embrace that the seeds of empowerment flourish, paving the way to your most authentic and free self."

Holistic wellbeing addresses the mind, body and spirit.

As an experienced Spiritual Counsellor, teacher and intuitive, I integrate a range of therapies to promote optimal health.

Whether you are experiencing a crisis or just need some support, my intention is to support and guide you from the heart back to yours.

With Sherise’s guidance I was able to address deeply seated abandonment issues with a mix of holistic techniques that helped me manage anxiety and anger. Her approach has helped me to understand and deconstruct feelings or emotions while facing a potential anxiety episode. I would definitely recommend Sherise and her work especially to anyone that with an interest for holistically combining techniques to work, discover and look into themselves

T. G, Spiritual Counselling client


Face-to-face sessions available in South West London.

Remote sessions available via Skype and Zoom.

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