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Hello and welcome, I am so glad you are here.

I am Sherise Reid and as well as being a conscious mother of two beautiful children, I am a writer, a teacher, a healer and a spiritual counsellor accredited with the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).

I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and developing the practice of viewing ourselves holistically and living consciously, which leads to sustainable wellness.

My aim is to support you in dismantling the barriers that prevent you from being the greatest expression of yourself. Being a human can be tough, like, out of this world crazy! However, the more we bring the unconscious into consciousness, the more we get to truly live in alignment with who we are.

Soul Deep Wellness is a hub for supporting you on your holistic wellbeing journey with access to resources to nurture, tools to support and wisdom for guidance.

"People don't need to be saved or rescued. People need knowledge of their own power, and how to access it." 

- Caroline Myss


Holistic wellbeing addresses the mind, body and spirit.

As an experienced Spiritual Counsellor, teacher and intuitive, I integrate a range of therapies to promote optimal health.

Whether you are experiencing a crisis or just need some support, my intention is to support and guide you from the heart back to yours.

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I am ready

If you are unsure where to begin on your Conscious Living journey, these heart-centred tools will get you going.


Using my top 5 book guide and journaling pages, you can gently begin to tap in to the Conscious Parenting journey and start to define what it means for you.


Conscious living

Return to your inner self and connect to your mind, body, heart and spirit using traditional talking-based therapy that integrates energy healing approaches to facilitate multi-level change.

Considering all of who you are as a process, we will work together to bring the unconscious into consciousness, so you can feel empowered to lead and live the aligned and wholesome life you wish for.

The sessions are completely tailored to you.

Conscious parenting

Find your inner knowing and transform the way you parent for good. We will work together to define what conscious parenting means to you so you can feel empowered to lead from that place of knowing with confidence.

Being a conscious parent is the greatest gift you could ever give to your child. By becoming aware of how our own childhoods moulded us, we get to decide if or how it moulds our children.

Let’s begin where you are.



"The sessions for me unearthed a lot of different areas within me whether 'past' or 'habits', which were not always comfortable but Sherise and the sessions have taught me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Welcoming my truth and never forgetting the power I hold within my own life, I had the belief others had the power over my existence pretty much. The most impactful discovery for me was how some old habits were of such detriment to myself, when I thought I was just 'protecting' myself..... imagine I basically was stunting my own personal growth before anyone else had the chance too. That really hit home for me, why would I do such a thing to my own self?? Since, my whole mindset continues to grow, I have even taken trips back into the past to seek where I can take accountability and put the 'victim' mindset to rest.”


I would most definitely recommend Sherise’s work...the sessions were great: her knowledge and understanding of spiritual therapy was delivered in such a way I never once felt uncomfortable (even with discussing difficult topics). She was always very welcoming and so supportive. I felt as comfortable with her as if we grew up together, I trusted her with my innermost deep fears and secrets but she never over stepped her professional boundaries"



Face-to-face sessions available in Euston and Enfield, London.

Remote sessions available via Skype and Zoom.


Tel: 07442175233

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