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You belong here



I am a conscious mother of two beautiful children, a writer, a teacher, a healer and a spiritual counsellor.


At 15yrs old, I started my work journey in pharmacy, training in over-the-counter medicine and leading on to dispensing prescriptions. I trained with the National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA). I went on to work in Occupational Health (Unilever), the Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) managing the GP to Consultant referral process and the NHS 111 Service.

I have also always been highly intuitive and empathic with the ability to see people as they are and to support them in finding ways to heal.


Whilst I served others, I myself was missing my own medicine. After the traumatic birthing of my first child in 2010, I suffered postnatal depression, severely and thus began my spiritual journey. I was going through an initiation of sorts and sought to delve deeper into myself. 

I studied for my spiritual counselling qualification with the School of Intuition and Healing. Qualifying with Distinction and gaining accreditation with the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).

I began practicing meditation, studying alternative medicines, became an advanced Reiki practitioner trained in both the Eastern and Western lineages of the Usui system of Reiki. I also began working with plant medicines and homeopathy, developed shamanic practices, as well as psychic mediumship, 

With over 16 years’ experience working in healthcare, studying both Western and Eastern medicine, my own lived experiences with trauma and mental health struggles, I strive to work with the whole person.

In my personal and professional journey I've learnt that after all, we are spiritual beings.


When we are conscious, we realise that we not only get to change the lenses we view the world through, we get to choose and decide, all that which we see through the lens and how we experience what we see.


Sherise Reid


We all have a story.

We have the right to be seen and heard.

We need spaces where we can be held, supported and guided.

Where we can be ourselves, be vulnerable, fall apart and feel safe.

Where we can show up exactly as we are.

Without judgement or expectation to be anywhere else.

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