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I am a conscious mother of two beautiful children, a writer, a teacher, a healer and a spiritual counsellor.

My personal life experiences and work history has been invaluable in witnessing how mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues can impact a person’s overall wellbeing, I became more and more convinced that the focus needed to be on the whole person.


I have spent over 15 years working in healthcare and the NHS in varying capacities, little had I realised that I was being prepared for something so much deeper.


At 15yrs old, I worked in pharmacy, training in over-the-counter medicine and leading on to dispensing prescriptions. I trained with the National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA). I have worked within Occupational Health (Unilever), the Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) managing the GP to Consultant referral process and the NHS 111 Service.


I have also always been highly intuitive and empathic with the ability to see people as they are and to support them in finding ways to heal. I studied for my spiritual counselling qualification with the School of Intuition and Healing. Qualifying with Distinction, I am accredited with the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).


In my personal and professional journey I've learnt that after all, we are spiritual beings.


When we are conscious, we realise that we not only get to change the lenses we view the world through, we get to choose and decide, all that which we see through the lens and how we experience what we see.


Sherise Reid

  • MY


    My story is one of survival and rising from the ashes.

    Issues such as violence, abuse, trauma, addiction, co-dependency, sexism and racism. Being raised in a culture where children should be seen and not heard. Where my thoughts and feelings about the world were invalidated, overlooked or dismissed. Where my rights as a young girl, young woman and a woman of colour, were non-existent.


    My healing journey has not by any means been linear.


    What has been invaluable to me, is access to spaces where I can share my story, reflect, learn and heal. Where I could be vulnerable and held in a loving supportive way.



    Too often we are told how we should feel, what we should know and who we should be. And we are constantly bombarded with information that exemplifies this concept.


    We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and my aim is to dismantle all the barriers that stop us from being the greatest expression of ourselves.

    To nurture and support.


    To hold space.


    And to use my knowledge, experience and wisdom to further support the initiation of you seeing and being your Divine self.


    Offering tools for your Soul Kit which you can utilise on your journey.



    Leading you from my heart centre, back to yours.

    This is Soul Deep Wellness.


We all have a story.

We have the right to be seen and heard.

We need spaces where we can be held, supported and guided.

Where we can be ourselves, be vulnerable, fall apart and feel safe.

Where we can show up exactly as we are.

Without judgement or expectation to be anywhere else.

  • YOUR


    Sometimes, being a woman, brown skinned and a mother is like a triple threat. There is so much to unpack, that quite often we don’t.


    And as a result, we are left feeling disempowered, unheard and unseen, and overwhelmed with life.

    Have you considered that maybe you need support in managing difficult feelings or improving your communication? Maybe anxiety or depression make it difficult to cope?


    Or you aren’t sure how to connect deeper with your children? Maybe you’re battling with friends and family about your conscious parenting choices?

    Do you want to better understand your relationship dynamics and your part in it?

    Maybe you are trying to heal from your past, Initiate change and/or deepen connection to yourself.

    Do you want to gain a different perspective on your situation?


    & ME

    Working with integrity and authenticity in a grounded heart-centred way, means that I will meet you where you are, reminding you that you are not broken.

    I will give you room to access your own wisdom and support you in figuring out what to do.

    I will remind you that YOU are the expert of your own life and YOU know what is best for you.

    By cooperating with the Chakra system, we can work on:


    • Releasing unhealthy emotions, beliefs and thoughts

    • Connecting to your inner child

    • Shadow work

    • Energetic cord-cutting

    Where appropriate, healing techniques may include:

    • Grounding exercises

    • Meditation

    • Energetic clearing

    • Channelled healing

    • Working with crystals

    Let’s collaborate and work on how to make the hard stuff easier to sit with.

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