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Storyteller of the Heart

I imagine a time where the elders in the community were sat around a sacred fire, sharing stories with the younger generations as a way to educate, inform, inspire and empower. There was connection, belonging and intimacy.

As a writer and a poet, writing is a way I process, learn, understand, create, integrate. It reveals and heals. I am a strong advocate for journaling as a healing tool and I believe sharing our stories in whatever art form serves us, is medicine for the soul.

Words hold power, frequency and storytelling is sacred.

So, Welcome to my personal corner of the internet.

Here, I share stories and poetry as a way to express, stimulate, educate, support, inspire and empower.

May the words you read here serve your soul in the best way.

Make yourself at home, get comfortable and let's connect, heart to heart,

soul to soul.

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